Dance Etiquette & Attire

All students are required to have their hair pulled back neatly. No jewelry. No candy. No gum.
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Intro to Dance

Leotard, Tights, Ballet Slippers.

Creative Combo

Leotard, Tights, Pink Ballet Slippers, & Black Patent Tap Shoes.


Black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes, black patent leather tap shoes. Dance skirts are permitted


Black Leotard, Pink Tights, Pink Ballet Slippers. Dance Skirts are permitted. No shorts or pants at anytime. 


Black leotard, tan tights, Tan tap shoe for all 6-10 yr old classes, Black oxford tap shoe for 10-12 yr old classes and all Company Tap classes.  Dance skirts are permitted.


Black Leotard, Tan Tights, Tan Jazz Shoes. Dance skirts or shorts are permitted. 


Black Leotard, Tan or Black Tights, Black High Top Converse. 


Black Leotard, Tan Convertible Tights, Angelo Luzio (Turning Shoe). Dance Skirts are permitted.


  • All dancers MUST have the same shoes
  • All company members are fully expected to adhere to the dress code in all of their classes as well as have their hair in a bun and no hanging jewelry
  • All Company Ballet classes- split sole ballet slipper
  • Company Pointe Class- Pointe shoe
  • Mini Tap class-  Tan tap shoes (with heel)
  • All Other Company Tap- Black tap shoe
  • All Company Jazz classes- Black AND Tan split sole jazz shoe
  • All Company Lyrical classes- Tan Angelo Luzio shoe
  • Hip-Hop Competition classes- TBA once classes begin