Public Health Law 


Covid 19 Guidelines

The health and safety of our dancers are our top priority. As we begin to hold in-house classes and privates, NSD will be adhering to the following guidelines and kindly ask that our dance family do the same.

  • Must be dropped off at the front entrance wearing a mask 
  • Mask must be worn in common areas 
  • Do not need to wear a mask while dancing
  • Will have their temperature taken at the door
  • Will limit their belongs to a small bag
  • All drinks and snacks must not be shared
  • Will wash their hands prior to entering the studios
  • No street shoes allowed in the studio
  • Will bring a yoga mat for floor work
  • Will dance in their own 6ft designated area, taped out on the floor
  • Classes Will be limited to 6-12 dancers depending on studio
  • Will exit through the back door 

  • Until further notice we will not be able to have parents or siblings in the lobby.  We are planning to have all classes viewable from your device
  • Please do not have food delivered to the studio


  • Will wash their hands prior to entering the studios
  • Will wipe all barres and clean floors in between classes
  • Will wear a mask and/or a shield
  • Will take dancer's temperatures
  • Will stagger privates and classes for adequate cleaning time
  • Will assist and help clean bathrooms after student use
  • Will enforce 6ft social distancing
  • Will choreograph without floor interaction or barre work
  • Will limit enrollment to enforce social distancing